Fat loss – Top five foods that increase metabolism

Losing fat does not have to be difficult or stressful. By implementing the following five foods in your diet, you will not only increase your metabolism, but you will also lose fat that is stored in your body. The metabolic process changes your caloric intake into energy. You need this energy to keep your body functioning properly.

Your metabolicism is always in motion – whether you're sleeping or training. Metabolism plays an important role in the creation of new cells and tissues. If your metabolism is slow, it does not burn fat as quickly as it leads to weight gain and you will not lose fat. By adding exercise to your daily schedule, you increase your metabolism even more!

By including these five foods in your daily diet, you will not only increase your metabolism, but also break down fat in cells, so that you lose fat over time.

1. Whole wheat: choose wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice that are full of fiber. With steel cut oatmeal makes a healthy breakfast. The fiber in whole grains lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) level and helps you lose fat.

2. Fruits and vegetables: not only do fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals, they also play an important role in the fat burning process. Other rich sources of fiber can be found in broccoli and berries. Fruits and vegetables also contain important antioxidants that help fight diseases such as cancer.

3. Low-fat yoghurt: yogurt plays an effective role in the metabolic process. Yogurt is packed with calcium – a mineral is desperately needed to build healthy, strong bones. If the body does not get enough calcium, the calcitrol releases – a hormone through which the body stores fat, making it very difficult to lose fat. By eating low-fat yogurt, the calcium contained in yogurt helps regulate fat storage, which promotes weight loss.

4. Lean Turkey: lean meat such as turkey also increases metabolism. Turkey contains proteins that are essential for building muscle mass. Turkey contains an important amino acid leucine that keeps the muscle mass intact, allowing you to lose fat. The protein in lean turkey increases the metabolism of the body (which helps with further weight loss).

5. Peanuts: peanuts help regulate the blood sugar level of the body that help with feelings of hunger. Choose low-salt peanuts – too much salt can increase blood pressure that is not healthy.

Additional tips to remember when the body's metabolism is increased:

• Do not skip breakfast because it slows down the metabolism. It is important to start the day with breakfast. Choose healthy breakfast options such as steel cut oatmeal or fruit.
• Do not hide yourself. Do not let the calorie intake drop to less than 1000 calories per day. When your body goes into starvation mode, you slow down your metabolism that is not healthy for the body, and makes it difficult for you to lose fat.
• Eat smaller meals on a more frequent basis. Smaller, frequent meals regulate blood sugar levels (glucose) and keep your metabolism efficient (putting the kilos down!)
• Take aerobic exercises such as cycling, running, swimming or walking in your daily routine. It is important to increase your heart rate, accelerating metabolism and helping to burn calories and helping you to lose fat.