Bed and Breakfast Inns – Perfect for a weekend or honeymoon

A bed and breakfast is certainly a good option if you are looking for a place to stay during a romantic weekend, honeymoon or when you just want to be looked after and pampered. These inns are in most cases very nice because they often have a personal touch in different ways than the standard motels and hotels. The hostels are known to have one on one services and a great breakfast. Having been hosted in various B & B inns across the country, I am still disappointed as I have always enjoyed the short stays at the inns. Some of them were very small and had only one or two rooms, while others were larger. One thing I can say for sure is that they all had one thing in common and that there was a friendly and warm service from polite staff who did everything to make my stay a great experience.

What to expect [19659003] It is advisable to always ask questions regarding room information, such as the number of beds and the size of the room, when reserving. Sometimes a "single" can refer to a single bed or a room with a double bed. A "double" can refer to a double bed or twin beds.

The bathrooms can be anything from a small room with only a shower, toilet and sink to two separate rooms with a separate shower and toilet. In many cases, the reason for these often strange configurations is the fact that some inns are old houses that are inns and some have no introductions, so they were added just as space was created. In some cases you will find an inn with a shared bathroom and for those who do not like sharing; it may be worth the extra cost to have a room with its own built-in bathroom.

In most cases you will not find telephone or TV facilities in traditional bed and breakfasts. Some have these facilities usually in a central area where they are accessible to all guests. In the technology-driven world of today, this may not be such a big inconvenience, as many people own smartphones and travel with their laptops.

Good Food

One of the advantages of staying in an inn is eating. This is mainly because in most cases they have very fresh food, from muffins, eggs and even fruit. The inns are proud of the fact that they can offer the freshest meals made in style. It is nevertheless important to ensure that the inn you book in offers your kind of preferred food, whether it is a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, pancakes or French toast or even a continental breakfast (cereals, coffee, pastries). 19659002] Other considerations

You may have to ask about payment when booking, but most bed and breakfast inns accept cash and all major credit cards. There is always a chance that they will not accept checks or credit cards, so it's always good to ask in advance.

As far as cancellations and deposits are concerned, you will find that some hostels require at least one deposit of one night. In some cases you can lose your deposit if you cancel prior to your stay. Make sure you are well informed about the policy related to this issue when making reservations. There is also a policy in some hostels that may require you to book more than one night during the weekend.

It is always good to ask for age restrictions that apply in case you are traveling with children. Some hostels prefer to have older children as guests, unlike younger children who make a lot of noise.

Pets: most B & B's do not tolerate pets, but a limited number can be in order with a few small and well-behaved pets.

Smoking: Most bed and breakfasts have policies against smoking while they are in their buildings and in some cases will even charge an additional fee for cleaning the room if they discover smoke in your room.

A B & B can really make your travel experience relaxing and unique, while at the same time creating that homely feeling. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, you should consider trying out this B & B.

Filipino recipes – Longsilog Recipe (breakfast) – Pinoy Food

Silogs, popular term for sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg), are certainly every favorite morning meal of Pinoy. Because of its popularity, you can even consider it as the national breakfast of the Philippines, if there is such a thing.

These delicacies in the early morning come in different combinations with tapsilog (with tapa), tocilog (with tocino) and longsilog (with Longanisa or Filipino sausage) at the top of the list. There are still many variations on silogs such as cornsilog (with corned beef), chiksilog (with chicken), chosilog (with adobo), dangsilog (with danggit or rabbitfish), bangsilog (with bangus or milkfish), hotsilog (with hotdog) and much more.

But for this recipe we will prepare a combination of longanisa or the famous Pinoy sausage, sinangag or savory garlic, fried rice and eggs. Yummy! My mouth just now moisturizes.


  • 5 links of longanisa sausage
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 cups of remaining rice from the previous night
  • 1 cup of water for cooking longanisa
  • ¼ t black pepper
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • frying oil
  • ½ tablespoon of salt
  • ¼ el MSG

Cooking procedure:

  • Preparation of the longanisa sausage, place the longanisa in a frying pan together with the water and place on medium fire until it comes to a boil. Allow the water to evaporate completely until the oil begins to seep from the sausage joints. To cook evenly, roll the sausages constantly and let them cook for about 5 minutes.
  • Knock two eggs for the eggs, just as you prepare an omelette. Add a pinch of salt to taste and cook in a frying pan. Remove from the pan and set aside. Get another egg and for the sunny side upwards. Cook with the same pan. Accept when done and reserved.
  • For the garlic fried rice, break the rice especially the large pieces and set aside. Put the oil in a heated pan and cook the garlic until the color turns golden brown and the aroma floats in the air. Add the rice and stir for about 1 minute. Add the MSG, salt and pepper for extra flavor. Cook for 5 more minutes with constant stirring to prevent the rice from burning.
  • Arrange the fried rice, longanisa and eggs in a serving dish and serve while it is hot.

Top 5 Fast and simple vegan recipes

Did you know that most of the food we eat is vegan? You have probably never thought about it, but plant-based foods are everywhere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, there are enough vegan choices out there. Here are a few very simple vegan recipes and snacks to help you choose smart, vegan food choices for your next meal.

1. Great tofu stir-fry

Tofu is a great source of soy protein and you can use it in almost any recipe that needs meat or eggs. My favorite lunch or dinner consists of dicing the firm tofu, vegetable oil and raw soy sauce and add all the organic vegetables of your choice: carrots, eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, bean sprouts, pods and onions. Serve over organically grown rice or brown rice and you have a super healthy, hearty meal to fill even the hungry appetite!

2. Cool cold cereals

Try a bowl of cheerios, 1 cup of soy milk and a handful of fresh strawberries or raspberries. Looking for something sweet? Cocoa beans are organic, so why not a bowl with cocoa pods or cocoa crunchies with 1 cup of vanilla milk? You can finally use your favorite cold breakfast cereals and fruit here, so use your imagination and get crazy!

3. Awesome Acai Smoothie

How about a great fruit smoothie for lunch or a snack? If you can find them, the Acai berry comes from Brazil, but one of the super healthy foods that we do not find much of here. You can also use blueberries if the Acai is not available. Mix this, fresh or frozen, along with all the other fruit you want (pineapple, mango, bananas, strawberries, etc.). Add some ice cream or soy sorbet and mix more. Put some granola and fruit slices for a super cool energy boost! Mama, jum!

4. Cosmic Curried Kale

Everyone should eat more greens in their diet anyway, so this recipe is vegan and raw for those superfood fanatics like my good friend Jill from Minnesota! She calls it Cosmic Curried Kale. She stomps and washes the kale, lays it in a bowl with a carrot and then mixes 1 part Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce), 1 part lemon juice, 1 part olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic and adds cumin and coriander for the dressing. Super simple and completely organic!

5. Cookoo for Cocoa Pudding

We all love chocolate, and the classic chocolate pudding is no exception. Even vegans can enjoy this well-known dessert. Mix 2 cups of soy milk with 3 tablespoons of organic cocoa, 5 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla to a smooth mass. Cook over medium heat until it thickens. Pour it into serving dishes and let it cool in the fridge! That is now super easy and should satisfy the desires of every chocolate lover!

Bed And Breakfast Inns – For a perfect honeymoon or a weekend getaway Stay!

Whether you are on a honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway, or wanting to be pampered and cared for, an inn is definitely a place to stay. These inns offer a more personal touch than the standard hotels and motels. They are known for their excellent breakfasts and one-on-one service. I have been anywhere in the United States and have stayed at bed & breakfasts from the Napa Valley to the Ozarks in Missouri, and I am still disappointed. Some were small, with only one or two rooms, while others were much larger. But the only thing they all had in common was the warm and friendly service from the staff who tried to get to know me and made my stay a pleasant and pleasant experience.

What you would expect

When reserving a room with staff, you should ask for information about the size of the room and the number of beds. Sometimes a "single" refers to a single bed or maybe there is a room with a double bed. The term "double" can refer to a room with two separate beds or a double bed.

The bathrooms can include everything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and shower to two rooms with a separate bath and shower. The reason for the strange configurations is due to the fact that many of these inns are old houses that did not have internal plumbing when they were originally built, and the bathrooms were added later where space could be found. Some inns have shared baths in a common room. If you prefer not to share a bathroom with other guests, it might be worth paying the small extra fee to book a room with a private bathroom.

Most traditional inns do not have a television or telephone in the rooms. Most have these objects in public spaces that all guests can use. But in the era of smartphones and laptop computers, this may not be as unpleasant for people as it once was.

Fantastic Food

You will find that eating is one of the biggest advantages of staying in a bed and breakfast. You can expect that you get the freshest of everything, including eggs, muffins and fruit. These hotel owners are proud of serving the freshest homemade meals. Before reserving your room, make sure that the inn offers exactly the type of meal you prefer, whether it is a continental breakfast (coffee, cereal, toast, pastries), or a full breakfast including things like eggs, bacon , pancakes or french toasted bread.

Other things you should consider

Payment accepted: Most guest houses accept most known credit cards and cash. They may not accept all credit cards or checks, so be sure to request this in advance.

Cancellations and deposits: some hostels require the deposit at the first night. If you cancel the reservation for your stay, you can lose the deposit. Make sure you ask for this policy when reserving your room.

Duration of the visit: in many hostels you have to book more than one night on weekends.

Children as guests: most hostels prefer older children to stay because they are usually quieter than young people. Again, ask for age restrictions that the bed and breakfasts may have.

Smoking: Many bed and breakfasts have a smoking ban and will even charge your credit card for cleaning if something is discovered in the room or on the premises.

Pets: although some hostels welcome small well-behaved pets, they usually will not. Call around for pet friendly B & Bs.

A bed and breakfast can offer accommodations that provide a personal and truly unique travel experience with a touch of hometown. This cozy and charming bed and breakfast inn or an excellent choice for a getaway or business trip.

Effective advertising strategies for bed & breakfasts

Running a bed and breakfast is a competitive business. You have to stand out to win your audience. Putting a shiny sign of your party will not do it for your company. You have to improve marketing. Budgeting is always a point of consideration. You must place your investments on roads that certainly work for you.

Here are some practical ways to promote your business.

One way to bring your bed and breakfast to the market is to have your company registered for a directory. Your target market usually refers to these directories when searching for accommodation for their travels. Be sure to describe important aspects of your business, such as photos of your location, contact details, a map or directions. Putting your company on the Google Maps list also works best, especially in this technologically dependent generation.

Bring out your creative juices and give your ads a unique charm. Broadcasting simple flyers does not make the cut. Brochures should advertise your company differently than the others. Mark every function in your home that you find attractive. Also add them if you have tourist attractions near your location. Consider where you can place them and how far your ads can reach. Work together with other companies around you. With modern digital printing methods you can generate multiple promotional materials at a lower price.

Another strategy to promote your bed and breakfast is through the power of social media and the internet. Social networks today have a huge impact on the online market. Get your ads online by setting up a website. Your presence on the internet can reasonably predict how people will respond to your business strategies. Provide virtual and attractive charisma for your viewers in the same way as you would show to paying guests.

You can also set up an online blog that can even increase your reach to the global market. Use smart marketing strategies to attract your target audience to your site.

In general, the answer to a better and more effective business marketing of your company is resource management and a conscious market goal. Before you spend a dollar printing or registering for a search engine, you need to know which works for which and what not. Learn from the experience of established companies comparable, but make sure you add your own unique charm to it.

What a Bed and Breakfast can offer

During your vacation you can choose from different accommodations and a kind of this accommodation where many people tend to avoid is the bed and breakfast. It is a place where additional bedrooms are rented out in a house and, true to its name, breakfast is served in the morning.

This is a particularly excellent option for you because it can save you a little money. However, there are people who find it odd to check in and then check in at a hotel. No two inns are the same, but they all work in the same way.

When you spend the night in a room, you have a room for you to sleep in and when it is morning, have breakfast. Your breakfast is normally prepared by the host and this happens before you check out. Breakfast is in no way meaningful, as it includes eggs, cereal, pancakes and juice.

A bed and breakfast normally does not offer amenities such as a swimming pool or a gym, but what is lacking in that aspect is amply compensated for in atmosphere and atmosphere.
Staying at a bed and breakfast can offer you the following:

1. Excellent prices – with what you pay, you get some breakfast side of a place to stay. What do you not want to like?

2. Breakfast – You no longer have to go anywhere to have breakfast. Moreover, you do not even have to pay extra, so you can get a breakfast that is both delicious and filling.

3. Homely atmosphere – An inn of this kind makes you feel like you have never left home. Very comfortable, right?

4. Reservations are not necessary – you do not have to reserve too much in advance so that you can stay in an inn. There are even times when some people just walk in to check in one.

If you feel like making your stay in a place with a homely atmosphere and of course excellent morning meals, you can never go wrong with a bed and breakfast. It has great rates, an excellent ambiance and an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home and, as the name suggests, breakfast that not only tastes good, but also fills. So why not check in for your next trip?

3 Meal plans for the perfect bodybuilding diet

The perfect bodybuilding diet consists of 5 or 6 meals every day. That means you have to eat every 2 to 3 hours. By the end of the day you should have had nutrients from each of the food groups and food that builds muscle . To help you with this, there are some examples of meal plans that you can start with. Remember that you should eat 3 grams of carbohydrates daily and 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Sample time # 1

Meal 1:

Vegetable omelette (3 proteins, 1 whole egg, 1 cup of vegetables) You can also add some chicken or lean beef if you want.

Meal 2:

A cup of yogurt or a protein shake

Meal 3:

6 oz chicken,

Small raw vegetable salad,

1 bagel

Meal 4:

1 piece of fruit,

3-4 oz Chicken

Meal 5:

6 oz of fish,

1 – Cup of grilled vegetables,

1 – Cup of brown rice

Example of meal plan # 2

Meal 1:

3 packs of instant oatmeal,

1 banana,

1 cup of yogurt,

1 cup curd cheese

Meal 2:

Protein shake,

1 large potato in the skin

Meal 3:

8 our chicken breast,

2 cups of pasta,

1 apple,

1 cup of yoghurt

Meal 4:

1 can of tuna,

1 – 2 cups of broccoli

Meal 5:

Protein shake,

Brown rice with 1 cup

Meal 6:

8 grams of broiled fish,

1 cup of vegetables,

2 cups of rice

Example meal plan # 4

Meal 1:

Breakfast burrito (3 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled eggs, 1 cup onion / green pepper mix, salsa),

1 cup of curd cheese,

1 cup of berries,

Meal 2:

Protein shake,

1 cup of raw vegetables

Meal 3:

Salmon burger on wholemeal bread (canned salmon, 1 egg white, onions cooked in an anti-stick pan)

1 large potato cut into strips, brushed with olive oil and oven-baked until crunchy,

1 garden salad sprinkled with olive oil and red wine vinegar,

Meal 4:

Protein shake,

1 cup of yogurt

Meal 5:

8 ounce chicken breast, cut into pieces, fried in olive oil and seasoned with oregano, garlic salt and basil,

1 cup of cooked tomatoes,

2 cups of pasta,

1 cup broccoli / cauliflower mixture

Meal 6:

Protein shake,

1 cup of melon,

1 cup of yoghurt

It is really not necessary to measure carefully for the proposed portions. This is not exact science! Eyeball your portions and consider the following chart:

Portion / Size:

1 oz. meat = Matchbox,

3 oz. meat = card game,

8 oz. meat = Thin paperback book,

3 oz. fish = checkbook,

1 oz. cheese = four dice,

1 med. potato = computer mouse,

2 tbsp. peanut butter = ping pong ball,

1 cup of pasta = tennis ball,

1 bagel = Hockeypuck

Of course these are only proposed meal plans. You can mix it as you wish. It is a good idea to plan ahead and pre-cook your meals. Keep vegetables cut in the fridge so that you do not have to work too hard during the meal.

3 things to keep in mind when choosing a bed and breakfast

You may find that checking in at a bed and breakfast is like walking into a house of your friends and because it feels like that, it has a lot of things it does to travelers like yourself. Such things include the following:

1. Location – many places such as this is located near a quiet place, unlike their larger hotel counterparts. Although it is located near such a place, you can expect it to be fairly close to a motorway. As it is located there, you can make your stay more relaxed and even enjoyable.

2. Personal care – An inn is known for personal care that is like no other. There are even some that offer both the comfort and the luxury of the more expensive hotels, while at the same time giving you the feeling that you feel at home.

3. Morning meals – If you are on holiday or traveling, breakfast may be a problem. Do not worry, because when you check in at an inn, your morning meal is as good as taken care of. There are even people who have staff that can bring your breakfast to your room.

When you check in, you will feel a homely atmosphere. Many of them have large lawns where you can spend some time in a state of relaxation. If you are getting ready to travel, you may be confused about choosing a bed and breakfast or a hotel. If you are looking for a more relaxed environment combined with a touch of personal attention, then you should definitely consider checking in an inn. A place like this is also perfect for more relaxed holidays.

Planning the budget is your first step in looking for that ideal bed and breakfast. Once you have finished planning the budget and you have decided how long you will stay, you can search a bit online for the one that suits you best. You get plenty of options, so take a moment to compare the deals you see and make sure you check the availability of the rooms while you are online. Before you book, however, you can call your potential host and confirm that it is available. This way you can be sure that you go to that ideal inn in

Help I Diabetes! Plan your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner – make sure you eat healthy

If you are a diabetic, you do not have to follow a strict diet, turn off various types of foods and eat radically different types of meals. The most important thing is to plan your meals and get used to good eating habits and balanced portions of the most important food groups. Here are some tips for effectively planning your meals if you have diabetes.

When it comes to breakfast, you usually do not have to make too many adjustments, because all grains are good for diabetics to eat. There are some breakfast cereals that have added sugar, so try to stick to the more natural brands, where you can always add fruit to make it a bit sweeter. In addition to cereals, you can also eat breakfast products such as toast and crumpets, but try to use low-fat margarines and spreads.

Make sure you have three meals a day, which means you have to make time for a good breakfast and lunch and also for dinner. It is important to spread food throughout the day to keep your appetite under control, as well as your blood glucose levels. If you want snacks, skimmed yogurt or fruit is a good idea.

Try to have a main meal every day and make sure it is balanced, with larger amounts of food such as rice, bread and potatoes, and smaller amounts of meat, eggs, and so on. With every meal, most of the meal must consist of fruit or vegetables.

When planning your meals you get the best nutrients after well-balanced, specially adapted diabetic recipes. This is especially true for your main meals. With this advice, planning your meals every day is a little easier.

Tasteful dishes from excellent restaurants

Food is always a vital part of every holiday. That's why rentals in Dartmouth are very attractive accommodations, as they have self-catering facilities with complete kitchen facilities that allow you to cook and prepare your own meals. The furnishings and amenities in Dartmouth cottages are modern and of the best quality. However, if you do not feel like cooking during your holiday, you can always go to the different restaurants and cafes near your holiday home in Dartmouth. If you are in Dartmouth, there are many restaurants and grocery stores where you can celebrate and enjoy a delicious meal. From French, Italian, to authentic English kitchens, you'll find them all in Dartmouth. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to take the whole family with you and have a special time trying out the various delicious cuisines in these restaurants. The Orestone Manor, The Le Gendarmerie and the Old Bakery Restaurant are some of the popular places to go.

The Orestone Manor

Spend some time to get the best classic meals at Orestone Manor. The establishment has their traditional and authentic English cuisine. The place is decorated in the conventional English style and is considered one of the remarkable sights in South Devon. It is in a great location, close to the well-appointed Dartmouth cottages, making it a busy restaurant with many locals and tourists who patronize the place. To ensure that you get a number of guaranteed seats, booking in advance can be of great help. The specialties of the restaurant that everyone should try are the Orestone fish cake, served with a poached egg in chive sauce or the roast South Devon beef with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Complete your meals with the delicious desserts such as the sweet-tasting apple and rhubarb crumb. The place meets the standards of great restaurants and service because of the impeccable manners and excellent service from their staff.

The Gendarmerie

It's time to try some authentic French gastronomic delights in the center of Dartmouth. French food served in the restaurant Le Gendarmerie is one of the best French dishes you can ever have. The delicious dishes are beautifully prepared and prepared to perfection by very skilled chefs. In addition to serving good food, the excellent service from the friendly staff lures the guests to try this restaurant more than once. You can dine here and bring food to your holiday homes in Dartmouth.

The Old Bakery Restaurant

Get out of your comfortable Dartmouth rentals and experience authentic Italian and French cuisine at the Old Bakery Restaurant. Some of the best dishes that you should try are the grilled eggplant, lamb and parsnip skodalia. The restaurant is open from 09.00 to 23.00. It is very accessible from the luxury cottages of Dartmouth.