10 reasons to visit Onset Village

Onset Village is a small town on the New England coast, with many years of New England history. We moved to Onset three years ago, where we rented a house to determine how commuting to Canton and Braintree would be.

We felt that commuting was acceptable and that we drove through this beautiful coastal village every morning to look ahead after a hard day at the office, the drive home and the incredible sunset every evening.

We enjoy the village so much that we bought an old Victorian house here two years ago and we did not regret making that difficult decision. This is such a great little village community, I just had to write about it, so here goes my top ten reasons for visiting and or living in Onset.

1 – The beaches here are excellent, especially during the summer a little busy but during the rest of the year, especially in the spring and autumn, you can almost call them your own country.

2 – Onset Bay (landside) is incredible, a mix of different style homes right on the waterfront, small fishing and pleasure boats tied to their moorings, and a beautiful sunset every evening.

3 – Onset Bay (ocean side) overlooks Onset Bay beyond Wicket's Island, and the canal that leads to the Cape Cod Canal is simply breathtaking, especially in summer when the canal is very busy with pleasure boats and many cargo ships.

4 – Onset events all summer long, including many free, including the Cape Verdean festival, the Swan Festival, movies in the park and many others. [19659002] 5 – Night lighting in August, where torches are illuminated all around Onset Bay on the ocean side, if you've never seen this before, it's worth it to be admired at least once in your life.

6 – Of course the annual Blues festival is extended from the afternoon to the evening in some of our good locations.

7 – The people you will meet here are all friendly, go to one of our restaurants or shops and you are greeted with a courteous hello and friendly conversation. especially if you're here for breakfast …. you have to eat at Stevie's Pier View Restaurant … tell Dottie the Steve and Dolores you have sent.

8 – On the Cape are without traffic, I know people think you have to cross the bridge to go to the Cape, no where … a visit here will prove that.

9 – Autumn, winter and spring ….. the population really dies and you can enjoy the whole city for yourself.

10 – Heaven must come from the ground … well maybe not, but it really feels like after the daily grind of working every day in Boston.

So come down or higher and visit us, we always have our welcome mat outside … who knows you choose to stay permanently, which was great for us and I'm sure it will be great for you too to be.

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